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Assembly of the Cuban Resistance

             False Identities Promoting Fake Election on Twitter

Miami, Florida. March 7, 2018- Assembly of the Cuban Resistance-“All for a Free Cuba” Countless twitter profiles of supposed Cubans on the island actively participating in social media campaigns supporting the upcoming Cuban “election” are fake. This revelation comes out at the same time that Cuban state media claims to be able to show “millions of internet users the truth about what is happening in Cuba” by “having young Cubans reaffirm their vote for Cuba on social media”.[1]

The fake profiles follow the same pattern:

False Identity:
The photo image presented is not that of a supposed profile belonging to a “young Cuban”.  The Cuban name given as well as the description provided all fit a false narrative supporting the Cuban regime.

Propaganda Activity:
The profile postings actively disseminate support of the “vote” along with the regime’s position on other critical topics such as the sonic attacks, the US Embassy, the US Internet Task Force, etc.

The photo image presented attract a high following to these profiles in turn enabling these postings to achieve the desired high outreach.

The total amount of accounts, which have been set-up for achieving the same objective following this same pattern, is extensive.

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