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Havana, 1/5/17 -Scott Gilbert Founder and CEO of Coabama Trading LLC, signing international selling-buying contract with Cuba.  Gilbert will buy 40 tons charcoal made from the invasive woody plant marabou. Read Article

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July 2016 Press Conference: Asamblea de la Resistencia Open Letter to Starwood . Cuban labor rights activist and journalist Iván Hernández Carillo (pictured right) was violently arrested upon his return to Cuba following this event prompting letter by AFL-CIO.

Scott Gilbert is also the the attorney that represented Alan Gross, the captured American contractor.  The negotiations for Gross' release was one of the justifications given by the Obama Administration for the engagement strategy with the Castro Regime.

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21 CENTURY SLAVES IN CUBA Esclavos en Cuba en el siglo XXI

Eliecer Bandera Barrera, a Cuban Human Rights Activist (with UNPACU) was sentenced  September 2016 to three years in a Cuban prison for exposing the truth behind what has been touted as the first commercial export in a half century from Cuba to the U.S.

"You are in business with those that oppress us"