Adairis, Anairis Miranda Leyva and Fidel Bastista Leyva with Tahimi, Alay and their mother Maydolis Leyva Portelles in 2016 

Miami, Florida – February 9, 2018 - Cuban Democratic Directorate. The health of three adult siblings is rapidly deteriorating as they endure yet another day on hunger strike in a desperate effort to find an end to the brutal reprisals waged upon Tahimi, 11 and her brother Alay Michel Rodriguez Miranda, 10 in Cuba. Adairis, Anairis Miranda Leyva and Fidel Manuel Bastista Leyva are former political prisoners and human rights activists on the island.

Tahimi and Alain have themselves been victims of physical and emotional abuse by the Castro regime. From the fear of being present as their house is ransacked, to Tahimi being left unconscious by Interior Ministry (MININT) officials they viciously attacked the family.

Things have not fared any easier for Tahimi and Alay at school according to their mother Adairis, starting in 2013 when Tahimi suffered a beating by her first grade teacher, Yolennis Almaguer at Grave de Peralta Elementary school for refusing to tell the class why she was not a communist pioneer. School officials publicly ridiculed the young siblings, encouraging the same abusive behavior towards them from classmates.  The school director, Cruz Maria Gonzalez Fernandez has personally attacked the family multiple times and led acts of repudiation on the family according to Adairis.

Since it is the school officials themselves spearheading the ongoing abuse, and no corrective action is in sight, the family has been trying to find an alternative themselves.Tahimi and Alay have implored them not to be subjected any further to this daily torment. The same regime that created this sinister situation, where the director and teachers spearhead acts of repudiation on young children at school, is now threatening to take away custody from their family for protecting them from that unbearable environment.

Tahimi and Alay’s mother, aunt and uncle have been on a hunger strike since January 26, 2018 seeking awareness and support for the emotional and physical wellbeing of Tahimi and Alay. They want for Tahimi and Alay to prosper in an educational environment that is free from emotional and physical abuse.

Now, State police have surrounded their home in Holguin, phone lines are down and there is growing worldwide concern for the lives of a family trying to protect the youngest amongst them.

The Cuban Democratic Directorate makes the Castro regime responsible for all they have endured and anything else that might happen to this family. We call upon the world community to condemn their oppressors.