Miami Beach City Hall Meetings:

Miami Beach Commission Meeting 4/13/16

  • ​4/14/16 NewTimes

Commissioner Slams Mayor for Saying Non-Cubans Have No Right to Oppose Consulate

  • 4/14/16 New Times

Miami Beach Commission Nixes Mayor's Idea for Cuban Consulate

  • ​4/14/16 Miami Herald

oped Miami Beach Rejects Discrimination Against Cuban Americans, 

  • 4/14/16 Miami Herald

 Miami Beach Says No to Cuban Consulate Until Reforms Take Place

  • 4/13/16 CBS 4

Miami Beach Commission Nixes Cuban Consulate Idea

  • 4/13/16 NBC6

Miami Beach Commissioners Vote No

  • 4/13/16 Bradenton

Miami Beach Says No to Cuban Consulate Until Reform on the Island

Hispanic Marketing Committee 4/11/16 

  • 4/12/16 Miami Herald

Emotions Run High on Issue of Cuban Consulate

  • 4/12/16 Miami Herald

Cuba Controversy Sparks Political Fracas in Miami Beach

  • 4/11/16 Political Cortadito

Miami Beach Mayor Invites Cuban Consulate

  • 4/11/16 

Locals Take Up Issue of Consulate in Miami

Post Cuba Meeting

  • ​3/24/16 

Miami Beach Mayor Discusses Possibility of Opening Cuba Consulate in Miami Beach

Mayor Philip Levine and Commissioner Ricky Arriola in CUBA
"During his trip, Levine and Miami Beach Commissioner Ricky Arriola also met privately with Cuban foreign affairs officials to discuss the idea of opening a Cuban consulate in Miami Beach." - Channel 7 News Link​

  • 3/24/16 WPLG Channel 10

Mayor Philip Levine Meets with High Ranking Officials in Miami

  • 3/24/16 NBC News

A Cuban Consulate in Miami Beach? Idea Stirs Controversy   

  • 3/23/16 Miami Herald

Miami Beach Leaders Tell Cuban Government They Would Welcome a Consulate

Pre-Cuba Meeting

  • 3/15/16 WPLG Channel 10

Miami Beach Mayor to Lead Grad Students on Cuba Visit

Link Here - Meeting Date 4/13/16 Click on "After Action Item"  pages 26-30 for full transcript. A link to Videos of the Meeting is also available on this page.

“A motion by the Hispanic Affairs Committee opposing a Cuban consulate in the City of Miami Beach, so long as the Cuban government continues its violation of basic freedoms and human rights."

Commissioners Kristen Rosen Gonzalez, Micky Ross Steinberg, Michael Grieco and John Elizabeth Aleman voted in favor of the resolution.